Market Measurement

Choice Insight’s 7-step guide to planning market measurement

Travel, leisure and culture markets benefit from lots of data in the public domain.  Sometimes, though, this is just too generic in its geographic or category coverage.  But bespoke market measurement can be expensive, and is not to be embarked upon lightly.

Considered this think-list before writing a brief:

  • • Step 1:  Review why you need this information and how you’ll apply it.
  • • Step 2:  Define who is, and who is not, in this market.
  • • Step 3:  Find a robust means of determining the total size of this market.
  • • Step 4:  Decide on the most cost-effective data collection method.
  • • Step 5:  Develop a questionnaire to meet your specific information objectives.
  • • Step 6:  Specify your analysis.
  • • Step 7:  Analyse, interpret, apply.

There you go!  Simple really.  Apart from the bear-traps along the way.
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