Choice Insight Interim

When workloads exceed the point of safe overload

Dangerously high workloads can flow from crises:

  • •  Accident, injury or illness that strikes out of a clear blue sky
  • •  The project that turns ugly, for an end-user who turns even uglier

Routine changes in clients’ needs can upset resource planning:

  • •  The project that gets extended
  • •  The commission that gets delayed onto a peak time
  • •  The commission that gets advanced onto a peak time

And good news events can raise the temperature too:

  • •  That long-shot proposal that gets converted against all expectation
  • •  The happy event that needs maternity or paternity leave cover

Alan Love is a research all-rounder with many a long year of experience, and a reputation for getting stuck in for many a long hour when the pressure is on.

Alan has extensive qualitative and quantitative experience, especially in service markets including culture, hospitality, leisure, retail, tourism, transport and travel. Alan Love

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