Customer Experience


Leisure, culture and travel customers often co-create the experience along with the operator’s team at the point-of-use.

Key Performance Indicators include enjoyment, appreciation, value, revisit and recommendation. Beyond this are dozens of detailed dimensions within the themes of service, engagement, and commercial activities, tailored to your organisation. Applying advanced analytics to robust research guides prioritisation of action and investment decisions.

In our view, satisfaction is doubtful as a benchmark where excellence is the action standard, and average can be considered failure.  While the top-two-box measure is in widespread use for published KPIs, Choice Insight invites you to consider whether the top-box may be a better guide to management action

Much can be achieved through point-of-use surveys.  But sometimes the measurement just has to be retrospective. Choice Insight Metrics

And still more can be learned through qualitative exploration at point of use or upon reflection. Choice Insight Exploratory

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